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Speed·Signal Violation Crackdown System

Created on February 27, 2024 00:44

It is a state-of-the-art equipment to prevent traffic accidents by preventing the loss of valuable lives and property due to speed and signal violation and raising the driver’s safety consciousness.
It is a traffic equipment that detects and breaks down a violating vehicle by installing it on a road or an intersection frequent in speed and signal violation.

System Features

  • Implement multi-function traffic equipment such as speed·signal violation and traffic data.
  • Provides sharp speed·signal violation images using high-definition cameras.
  • Meets the second unmanned standardization standard of the National Police Agency and facilitates equipment compatibility and maintenance.
  • System fault history management function.
  • Real-time data processing and control using wired·wireless network.




Violation Control System With Bus-Only Car

Created on February 27, 2024 00:44

It is a system to crack down on vehicles that are prohibited from being operated by designaged bus lanes to relieve traffic in the city by increasing the use rate of public transportation by securing smooth communication channels of public transportation and inducing the use of passenger cars to be restricted.

System Features

  • Obtain clear high-resolution violation image.
  • Utilizing nghttime infrared illumination minimizes driver interference.
  • Embedded (loop), non-contact (laser, radar, video detection) selectable and redundant.
  • Clarification of the violation by securing secondary images for evidence.
  • Diversification of data transmission method(Wired and Wireless).


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